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Iran advises certain states to stop making delusive statements
تاریخ و زمان ارسال :20 دی 1388
دسته بندی : یادداشت
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Tehran, Jan 9 - Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mihman-Parast advised officials of some certain states on Saturday to stop making negative and delusive statements against Iran.

He made the remarks while reacting to the comments made recently by German Minister of Foreign Affairs Guido Westerwelle in Turkey who had referred to Iran as a threat against the entire region for its peaceful nuclear activities. “Creating a negative impression about independent states by making wrong statements would be no solution for the present problems,” Mihman-Parast told IRNA. He advised officials of certain states to stop making “delusive and negative comments” and try to pursue ways to “solve problems of the developing countries and provide their needs.” Referring to Tehran’s Research Reactor as a facility which works to meet the country’s civilian demands including medical needs of thousands of Iranian patients, Mihman-Parast said, It is not good to deal with humanitarian issues by political intentions.” “As it was repeatedly said by Iranian officials and confirmed in the International Atomic Energy Agency’s reports, Tehran’s nuclear activities are completely peaceful and made under the IAEA s supervision,” the spokesman stressed. He said that no sign of deviation has been found yet in Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities. He noted that all countries should have proper cooperation and interactions with each other free from political pressures.
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